Located in the northeastern part of Italy in the Veneto region is the city of Vicenza. It is within easy traveling distance of Venice but the accommodation is cheaper than staying in Venice. It is a cosmopolitan city that lies on the Bacchiglione River and has a rich and interesting history. If Vicenza is a city you choose to visit, then there are plenty of things to see and do in this city and the surrounding area during your stay.

1. Take a Bike Tour

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of this area is to take a bike tour. Compared to many other Italian cities, Vicenza is less congested with traffic so it is ideal for cycling. The city is also not very big so touring the whole city and surrounding area is achievable even for those who are less experienced on a bicycle.

2. Hike to Monte Berico

Monte Berico church is one of the most stunning buildings in the area so it is well worth a visit. However, due to its elevated position, you need to make the effort and hike to this religious monument. Other than the beauty of the architecture and interior design of the church, you can also enjoy the panoramic views across the city and beyond.

3. Try the Local Cuisine

The cuisine of Venetia is world famous for both its simplicity and its excellence. When you visit the local restaurants, you should try some of the traditional dishes of the region. As Vicenza is near the sea, the seafood and fish dishes are particularly special and are made using fresh, locally caught ingredients.

4. Visit Parco Querini

There are several reasons why this park is a great place to visit. The first is the beautiful surroundings, such as the large areas of landscaped gardens. The second is to see the stunning white statues that are dotted around the park. Finally, you can enjoy the animals that roam free. These include rabbits and chickens. The ponds are home to turtles and a variety of fish.

5. Enjoy the Retail Therapy

If you enjoy shopping, then Vicenza is a fantastic place to stay as there are boutiques, markets, and brand retail outlets. Try to look for the best prices rather than buying the first thing you find and don’t be afraid to barter.

6. Teatro Olimpico

This Renaissance theater was inspired by Roman amphitheaters and lies behind a walled garden. The stage set is made up of streets to create the impression of a sprawling city. The program of events taking place throughout the year includes opera, jazz, and classical performances.

7. Roman Criptoportico

The criptoportico lies six meters below the surface of Vicenza. Dating from the 1st-century, this is one of the lesser-known historical treasures of the city. It is divided into rooms joined by underground corridors. Historians believe that each of the rooms had different purposes, such as storing treasures and sheltering soldiers.



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