The Best Little Italys in America

Here's a list of our favorite Little Italy's in America that capture the timelessness of Italy!

Nothing can really match the true beauty and originality of Italy. However, there are some towns within America that capture the community and timeless tradition found within Italy. Here are our favorite Little Italy’s based in America with a couple of suggestions!

1. Chicago

Alright, maybe we’re biased given our team is from the Chicago area and loves to participate in Little Italy’s annual Festa Italiana on Taylor Street. Chicago’s Little Italy is a vibrant hub with classic restaurants that have been around for years. If you go, you must visit Mario’s Italian Lemonade during the summer and Fontano’s on Polk Street for a classic Italian sub.

2. Boston

Boston’s North End is a large historic community with back to back Italian restaurants and family-owned businesses. Like Chicago, Boston’s North End hosts an annual festival filled with food and live entertainment. While you’re here, you must try a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry.

3. New York

Head to New York’s Little Italy if you want that authentic European feel. As you walk down Mulberry Street, restaurant owners will invite you, and entice you with endless compliments, to sit down at their restaurant and have a glass of wine or indulge in handmade pasta.

4. Missouri

St. Louis’ Little Italy, otherwise known as “The Hill,” is ultra-traditional with world-class Italian cuisine. Visitors and locals alike flock this tight-knit neighborhood to experience The Hill’s famous Italian markets and authentic Italian cuisine.

The Best Little Italy's in America

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