Eight Unforgettable Airbnbs in Italy

The most unforgettable Airbnbs Italy has to offer!

Airbnbs are great for travelers who want a private and unique experience. Here is a list of the most unforgettable Airbnbs in Italy!

1. The Trullo Apulia in Ostuni

Photo from Pier Giovanni on Airbnb

This is exclusive property is tucked away in the beautiful, whitewashed old town of Ostuni. Previous guests have gushed over the home’s luxurious amenities and the hospitality of the hosts. This dreamy abode starts at $122 a night.

2. Gorgeous Apartment in Capri

Photo by Alessia Arcucci on Airbnb

Capri is renowned for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels, and stylish living. This luxury apartment is situated on a hilltop that overlooks the beauty of Capri. This is the perfect destination for those looking to splash out. Starting price? A generous $554 per night.

3. Private Treehouse near Florence

Photo from Elena on Airbnb

Among the palazzos and villas is a secluded treehouse just a short distance from lively Florence. This unique Airbnb is artistic and perfect for anyone who wants an unforgettable experience in the natural part of Italy. The starting price for this comfortable stay is $277 per night.

4. Country House in the Chianti Mountains

Photo by Jakob on Airbnb

This next home exudes all the rustic charms of Italy. Equipped with a large pool and beautiful overlook of the estate, this is the perfect escape for a relaxing getaway. This Airbnb is situated in a remote and quiet location, but Florence, Arezzo and Siena are just 30 minutes away! The starting price is $249 per night.

5. Luxury Guest House in Ostuni

Photo from Francesco on Airbnb

Another beautiful home in Ostuni! This relaxing home is close by the splendors of the town including the historic Cathedral and main square. Guests have called this Airbnb “magical” for its dreamy interior and accommodations including the pool, the fireplace, and the garden. The starting price is $199 per night.

6. Charming Home in Northern Italy

Photo by Paola from Airbnb

This enchanting home offers guests the luxury of quiet space in Piemonte. The charming bed and breakfast is owned by a lovely host who makes guests feel at home. The starting price is $100 per night.

7. Penthouse di Cremia in Lake Como

Photo by Leo on Airbnb

Lake Como is known for its glitz and its breathtaking views. This penthouse is situated on a peaceful hillside where guests can enjoy a glass of wine on the quaint patio. This stylish Airbnb accommodates up to 7 guests with a starting price of $133 per night.

8. Cozy Home in Sicily

Photo from Antonio on Airbnb

This Final Airbnb is a home and an experience! The lovely host curates homemade jams that guests get to enjoy for breakfast. If you’re lucky, you might get a first-hand lesson in jam-making! Otherwise, enjoy Chef Antonio’s meals which guests describe as, “fresh and abundant.” The starting price is only $43 per night.

Banner Image: Photo by Ellena McGuinness on Unsplash

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