Six Most Beautiful Road Trips in Italy

If you are wondering where to take a road trip Ital has man great places to adventure. There are so many beautiful places to go and see. During your road trip in Italy you will get to know the history of each place as well.  These places are perfect if you are looking for new experiences to share with your family. 

1. Almalfi Coast

Italy’s Sorrento Peninsula lets drivers see breathtaking views of crystal-clear water and charming hillside villas.

2. Sicily

The Island of Sicily offers a unique history and some of the most delicious seafood cuisine in the World.

3. Lake Garda

Glamor of Lake Como’s palatial estates, a drive through Italy’s Veneto region offers travelers beautiful vistas.

4. Stelvio Pass

The Stelvio Pass driving route offers breathtaking views of mountains. This itinerary includes Bolzano, Stelvio, Bormio & Livigno.

5. Tuscany

For people who love food and wine will really enjoy a drive through the rolling landscape of Casentino Valley.

6. Foothills of Sabina

In Rome this route which winds its way through the Sabina hills from Rome to Terni. You will get to experience the Italian countryside which surrounds this famous city.


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