Fabio Ingrassia

Fabio Ingrassia is a very talented person. He sings, paints, plays guitar, plays the piano, and he does photography. His art is based off of his home town in Italy. Fabio has always dreamed of his career taking off like it has today!

Fabio Ingrassia is a very passionate and creative person, all of his artwork is based on his home in Italy, where he grew up. Taking in the history of his hometown  his whole life really inspired him since he was little. Ingrassia, is very close with his friends and family. His parents told him that he loved art for as long as they can remember.

What inspired you to start your career?

Fabio:“I don’t think I ever wanted to do anything else as a child I always Drew and I always did Art in school so let’s say it was the art that chose me”

Your art is just incredible! Space when you were younger did you ever think you would be where you are today and your career?

Fabio:Absolutely not never would I have thought in a lifetime that I would be on such important stages or I would be performing in front of more than 200,000 people next to the pope are is a wonderful thing and I hope it always gives me experiences like The ones I mentioned.”

That’s amazing. I know you travel a lot as well. What place would you like to visit that you haven’t yet?

Fabio: “I do travel a lot for work and it always is nice to discover new places though I would love to visit California. I think it looks amazing!”

Does Italy Inspire any of your art?

Fabio: “Italy is my first source of inspiration. I love the Renaissance and I am lucky enough to be able to admire these masterpieces whenever I would like.”

Where are you from?  

Fabio: “I am from Marsala, a city of 100,000 people. I live in Italy 300 meters from the sea. I love living near the water because it relaxes me and I can find my peace of mind.

You do photography as well?

Fabio: “I love many things haha and I don’t have much free time because of that. I really do like photography and I also play the piano and the guitar. Photography is the starting point for my work. My friend, Angelo Giurlando helps me make the photos which helps me get ideas for my paintings.

You mentioned before you paint in front of a lot of people do you have any upcoming events where could people check out your work can people buy your art?

Fabio: “A really good moment was when I was attending the Miami that was a huge opportunity for me. But the greatest moment was when I performed in an arena with Il Volo in Verona.”


 How did you meet Il Volo?

Fabio:  “I met Il Volo because I have been friends with Ignazio Boschetto of Il Volo, for a long time. They asked me to go on stage with them in Verona but after that, I was able to go to America with them and perform at several shows.”


What has been one of the best moments that you have had in your career?

Fabio: “Arena of Verona is one of the most important and suggestive places and Italy being on that stage has given me a strong emotion and I have known for a long time and the first time that the fight asked me to do a performance together we were in America it was fantastic so then I Was in three shows with them in Florida beautiful experience.”


Fabio is the most talented person I have ever met. He can do any form of art. Not only does he like painting and photography, but he puts his best foot forward in everything he creates. Around the world, Fabio is loved by so many people because he is such an inspiration. 

You can experience his 2 exhibitions that lead more into the world and culture about the genius of Van Goh. When you got to a show of Fabio’s you can see how he does his artwork from scratch. He has different art techniques, like painting his projects upside down. He also combines music and the art to create a “fantasy world.”


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