Study Finds People Who Swear are More Honest

Even if you don't speak Italian fluently, you probably knew how to swear in Italian by the age of 5... or 3.

Even if you don’t speak Italian fluently, you probably knew how to swear in Italian by the age of 5… or 3.

Well, you should be happy to hear that research suggests that those who swear are more generally more honest. Researchers from Maastricht University the University of Cambridge, Stanford, and Hong Kong University found that those who swear more are more likely to be honest.

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Researchers out of the Department of Work and Psychology at Maastricht University completed a study entitled, ‘Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty.’ The research was intended to debate the belief that those who swear are more likely to be involved in breaking social norms.

The research was in three different areas including interpersonal, societal, and social media. The researchers gave 276 people an Eysenck Personality Questionnaire in order to measure their honestly, and also surveyed them on their use of profanity. The results revealed that those who swear are generally more honest than those who do not.

David Stilwell from the University of Cambridge explained, ” “The main thing we found is if you filter your language when speaking then you’re probably also filtering what you’re saying as well. You are less likely to be about what you think and more about what you think other people want to hear.”

He stated, “Someone who does not filter their language, so swears, is more likely to be saying what they think to be true so are being more honest and genuine from their perspective.”

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  1. I have never felt the need to use foul language. It was discouraged in my Parent’s home when I was growing up and I discouraged it in my home when I had children growing up. What is the use? I have learned the English language well enough that I have plenty of other words to say when I talk—words that are pertinent to the subject at hand.

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