Top 10 Slang Words Italian-Americans Invented

How many of the following have you heard or said?

1. Calamad

(calamari) – Fried Squid

2. Sculabast’ 

(scola la pasta)  – pasta strainer, or someone who can’t keep a secret

3. Stunad 

(stonato) – idiot

4. Fanabola!

(a fa Napoli) sh**

5. Medigan’ 

(americano) non-Italian

6. Gavadeel’

(cavatelli) – Italian pasta

7. Mannaggia 

(male ne aggia) – damn

8. Prosciutt’ 

(prosciutto) – Italian ham

9. Che cozz’? 

(che cazzo fai?) – what the f*** are you doing?

10. Gavone 

(cafone) – one who eats a lot

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