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Fabrizia Limoncello Company Making Hand Sanitizer 🧼 🍋

The distillery has donated 3,000 bottles to first responders and healthcare workers.

Fabrizia Spirits has launched a lemon-scented hand sanitizer line. After learning that the FDA was allowing distilleries to produce hand sanitizers, and considering the current circumstances in the world, Fabrizia Spirits began creating natural hand sanitizers.

Fabrizia Spirits has donated 3,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to first responders and health care facilities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts,


The company recently posted an Instagram video captioned, ”
Due to the recent demand for hand sanitizer, we are now operating 24/7. Here is a little of what’s going on behind the scenes. The donation list is growing and we are on a mission to get to everyone. Please email info@fabriziaspirits.com if you are a hospital, fire, or police station in need. You hear it all the time but truer words could not be spoken, we are literally all in this together.


















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