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FACT CHECK: Misleading Claim about Italian COVID-19 Patient Goes Viral

According to FACT CHECK, there has been a misleading claim going viral on the internet.

The false claim was that a 38-year old Italian doctor was waving goodbye to co-doctors as he could no longer survive the coronavirus.

According to Fact Check, however, the correct conclusion was:

The photo was taken at a hospital in China’s Wuhan when the team of doctors was treating a COVID-19 patient. It is important to be informed of misleading information flooding the internet, especially during a time like this.

This post is stirring up a great deal of attention especially from Facebook users who believe it. Facebook user “Thila Balasubramaniyan” shared the post and wrote, “They are saying their final Goodbyes to love ones Not because of Exotic food eating habits, not because of travelling despite Lockdown, not because of going against Goverment rules and regulations or Not because of going againts Nature. They are dying because they have done nothing but chose to be a DOCTOR !”

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