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Top 15 Gifts Every Italian Mother Will Adore

With Mother's Day around the corner, now is the time to start shopping for your Italian mother!

Here are 15 gifts she will absolutely adore!

1. An Italia Necklace

2. An Italian Keychain

3. A Cute New Apron

4. A Gnocchi Tee

5. A new Mug

6. A Sleek New Cap

7. A Bit of Bling

8. A New Zip-up

9. A License Plate Frame

10. Gnocchi Flip-Flops

11. A Tee for the Pasta Lover in Her

12. A Hoodie to Remind Her She’s Beautiful

13. Gloves for Her Car

14. A Religious Bracelet  

15. A Tank She’ll Wear All Summer

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