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Happy Festa del Lavoro!

Happy Festa del Lavoro! If you are wondering why today is a holiday for Italians and many other countries, it is similar to our Labor day.

Festa del Lavoro is a day to celebrate workers of all kinds and their rights nationwide. On this day, cities around the world prepare parties to celebrate the day which usually consists of crowded streets, bands, and waving flags.

Since 1990, the municipality of Rome has held a huge concert in the famous Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano which lasts from morning until night which consists of many famous singers and bands along with thousands of people in the crowd.

File:Concerto del Primo Maggio 2006.jpg
Photo by Wikimedia

This year with the pandemic of COVID-19, instead of live performances from some of Italy’s famous artists, they have moved the program to Rai3 and Radio2 for viewers to watch from home.

The Parco della Musica also celebrates this day by lighting up its auditorium in green, white, and red.


Main Photo: Auditorium Celebrates 1 May by Hosting Digital Concert [Wanted in Rome]

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