Check out Under the Streetlamp Singing December 63 (Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons Cover!)

Happy Birthday to a legend Frankie Vallie! If you love the Jersey Boys check out this group Under The Streetlamp singing December 63 (Frankie Valli).

Website: Under The Streetlamp

This group is honestly really fun to see in person! If you haven’t seen them perform I recommend going to a concert in your area! I’ve known Under The Streetlamp for a few years now! Whenever I get a chance to see them live I am always front row! The guys know that haha! But not only are they humble but they make you just want to get up and dance! They have a few PBS specials to watch as well! My whole Italian family loves them! The group has changed a few times but they were all previous members of the Jersey Boy Casts. A fun fact about them is that they personally know Frankie Vallie which I think is so cool! I just love these guys because it is something that the entire family can bond over! 🙂


Main Image: Under The Streetlamp {Google Images}

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