Southern Italian Regions Recieve Mafia Offers They Can’t Refuse

As Italy emerged from its lockdown restrictions last week after nearly 8 weeks, many business owners and employees are becoming desperate on starting work again and some have been given offers that are too good to refuse.

According to previous mafia members, they love crises. It is the perfect way to spend money on Italian’s who may be in need and this is a way for them to better infiltrate society.

Luigi de Magistris, the mayor of Naples, states that he is very concerned since Italy is already in a social and economic pandemic and he doesn’t want this to lead to more crime in his city.

In regions of Calabria, Campania, and Sicily, business owners have been approached by organized crime groups that have been offering to help them financially support their businesses. These same groups have also been handing out food to families in need.

These offers are appealing to struggling business owners as the Italian government hasn’t done much to help. The government has mentioned that they will loan money to businesses in need, however, the owners of these businesses feel that they will never be able to make the money back to repay it.

It’s safe to say that if the Italian government doesn’t step in now to help businesses, then they will just be thrown into the arms of the mafia.

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Main Photo by vvox.it

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