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Museums, Restaurants, and Hairdressers to Reopen in Italy

The Italian government announced that after it's extreme pressures of the lockdown, Italy will have the power to emerge from the nationwide restrictions as soon as next week.

Under the guidelines presented by Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, Most businesses and even museums are allowed to open on May 18, however he mentioned that bars, resturants and hairdressers will remain closed until at least June 1.

The regional authorities in Italy are expected to receive health and safety guidelines within a few days that will state the guidelines they should follow depending on how each region in Italy has been affected.

This announcement comes as the coronavirus cases in Italy reported it’s lowest amount of new cases of only 802 which is the lowest number Italy has seen since early March.

What are your thoughts on Italy reopening its businesses this early? Share your opinions below in the comments.


Main Photo by [Pixabay]

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