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30 Italian Words & Phrases You NEED to Know Before Visiting Italy

Planning to visit Italy in the future? From getting directions, to greeting, to ordering at a restaurant, there are certain words and phrases that are essential for travel.

Here are 30 words and phrases we recommend you learn before visiting Italy!

1. Buongiorno: Goodmorning

2. Buonasera: Good evening

3. Grazie: Thank you

3. Prego: You’re welcome

4. Salve: Hello (formal)

5. Altrettanto: Likewise

6. Dov’ è : Where is

7. Per Favore: Please

8. Parla inglese? : Do you speak English?

9. Come va? : How are you?

10. Quanto costa? — How much?

11.  È delizioso. — It’s delicious

12. Aiuto! — Help!

13. Primo — Main course

14. Il dolce — Dessert

15.  Il conto, per favore. — The check, please.

16. Lo compro! — I’ll take it!

17. Si gira a destra —Turn right

18. Si gira a sinistra — Turn left

19. Si va diritto — Go straight ahead

20. Cerca qualcosa? — What would you like?

21.  Scusa — Excuse me (informal)

22. Mi dispiace  — I’m sorry

23. Arrivederci — Until we see each other again

24.  Ripeta, per favore. — Please repeat.

26. Il centro — Town center

27. Un altro, per favore. — Another one, please

28. Piacere di conoscerti. — Nice to meet you.

29. L’aeroporto — Airport

30. Vicino — Near


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