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Italy to Allow International Travel From Early June

Starting on June 3, visitors within the Schengen zone can enter Italy without self-isolating.

This past weekend, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated, “We’re facing a calculated risk in the knowledge that the contagion curve may rise again.” Conte went on to explain, “We have to accept it otherwise we will never be able to start up again.” It is evident that Italy relies on tourists for much of their income as tourism accounts for over 1/10th of Italy’s GDP. The video below explained that there have only been two overnight stays in the last two months.

The public has mixed emotions regarding the announcements about Italy reopening. Many are excited about it but many others are still very anxious and nervous about health risks. There is no denying that the world will not instantly go back to the way it used to be. However, steps are being taken towards normality.


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