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What is Pizza Portafoglio? 🍕

Just as New York has the pizza slice, Napoli has pizza portafoglio.

Pizza Portafoglio or “wallet pizza” is a classic Neapolitan street food. Just as New York has the slice, Napoli has their pizza portafoglio. It is made by taking a classic Margherita or Marinara Neapolitan pizza and folding it up to make it portable. It is the perfect on the go snack!

This style of pizza is difficult to find in the states (although you can easily order a Neapolitan pizza and fold it up yourself) so we curated a list of our top 5 favorite portafoglio spots in Napoli!

  1. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba
    Via Port’Alba 18 | 80134 Naples ItalyAntica Pizzeria Port’Alba is said to be the world’s first pizzeria and pizza portafoglio is said to have been created here as well. Surrounded by book stores, this is a perfect place to grab a pizza and take a stroll.
  2. Pizzeria Di Matteo
    Via dei Tribunali 94 | 80138 Naples ItalyLocated in the historic center on the famed via dei Tribunali, Pizzeria Di Matteo is a popular spot for pizza portafoglio. Lines are typically long at this location; stop in at Cantina Centrale next door for a drink and taralli while you wait!
  1. Pizzeria Da Attilio
    Via Pignasecca 17 | 80134 Naples ItalyFamous for the skills of their pizzaiolo Attilio Bachetti, this pizzeria is located in the historic area of Pignasecca. Be sure to get here early, this is another pizzeria that gets very crowded!
  2. Pizzeria I Decumani
    Via dei Tribunali 58 | 80138 Naples Italy
    Ideal because of its location in the historic center and Naples Underground, this pizzeria offers a variety of takeaway options including pizza portafoglio.
  3. Pizzeria Tutino
    Via Cesare Carmignano 79 | 80142 Naples Italy
    Pizzeria Tutino is located near Porta Nolana. Stop here for a bite before heading to the train station on your way to Pompei and Mount Vesuvius!

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