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BEST Negroni with Mezcal – Recipe 🥃🍊

This twist on the classic Negroni makes for a delicious aperitivo!

The perfect Negroni is a well balanced one; the ingredients should sing harmoniously together! The ratio for this cocktail is different than the traditional 1:1:1 because of the added Aperol and boldness of Mezcal. The addition of Aperol brings out a beautiful grapefruit flavor that pairs well with a grapefruit garnish. Treat yourself with this perfect summer drink!


1.5 oz Mezcal 
Note: Mezcal is smoky! You may opt for a more mild smoke or a stronger one, depending on your preference. If you’re new to Mezcal, use one like 400 Conejos, which is more mild in smoke. Remember though, the bolder and smokier the Mezcal, the better the Negroni!

.75 oz Sweet Vermouth
Note: This vermouth needs to be assertive and sweet to stand up to the bitterness of Campari. Using one like Carpano Antica is good for this cocktail.

Scant .5 oz Campari 
Note: Using just under .5 oz will make sure the cocktail remains balanced. 

Bar spoon of Aperol
Any more Aperol will dilute the alcohol content of this drink because it has a lower ABV than Campari.

Crushed Ice
Note: Crushed ice will do a good job of chilling this drink and it’s perfect for summer!

Optional: Dash of orange and grapefruit bitters 

Garnish: Orange peel, grapefruit peel


  1. Pour ingredients into an empty glass.
  2. Optional addition of grapefruit and orange bitters. 
  3. Fill a separate small rocks glass 3/4 full with crushed ice.
  4. Pour mixture into rocks glass over crushed ice and top off with more crushed ice. 
  5. Garnish with a grapefruit peel and an orange peel.

Want to make this cocktail for a group? Make it in a large batch with this recipe and use the steps from above. Serves 8-10 people:

720mL Mezcal

360mL Carpano Antica

200mL Campari

40mL Aperol 

Cocktail recipe by Evan Flynn 

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