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Travel Restrictions in Italy Lift on June 3rd

It has been confirmed that travel In Italy between regions is allowed as of June 3. Italy will also reopen all airports to prepare for the slow return of international tourism.

The confirmation of the lifted travel restrictions came after reviewing the latest COVID-19 statistics and was announced this past weekend by Italy’s health minister Roberto Speranza.

Although the current situation in Italy has been postive overall, Speranza warns that there are still signs of transmission and urges strict rules to be set in place such as continuing to social distace and wearing a mask when out in public.

The lift of these travel restrictions has left local governors in Italy to have concerns about allowing access to and from the northern region of Lombardy, where more than half of Italy’s COVID-19 related deaths had taken place.

While a large majority of southern Italy describes these lifted restrictions as “incomprehensible”, the mayor of Lombardy, Beppe Sala, says that this move is the “right decision” and that “now is the time to give oxygen back to work.”

What are your thoughts on Italy opening up borders and lifting restrictions already? Are you planning on travelling to Italy? Let us know below in the comments.


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