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Experts Say Italian Food Export Recovery Won’t Come Until Fall 🇮🇹

Italian food imports took a huge hit from the global pandemic and experts say there likely won't be relief until fall.

As businesses slowly begin to reopen in Italy, exports continue to struggle during the global pandemic. 

An agency for the Italian Chamber of Commerce surveyed about 600 businesses. Out of the 600 surveyed, nearly 50% had impacted sales and nearly 40% had sales completely halted. Only about 17% of businesses have been able to start up again and almost 20% fear permanent closure without public aid.

In 2019, Italy saw huge growth in exported goods like wine, which is largely imported by the United States. While the U.S. struggles to get back on its feet, exporting will remain limited until the pandemic is under control. 14% of the businesses surveyed believe that recovery won’t come until after summer. 


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