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Dos and Don’ts of Camping in Italy

If you love camping as much as I do here are some helpful tips if camping in Italy.

Camping is a great activity if you want to get outdoors and spend some time with nature. My family would go at least three times every summer but there are lots of families who go more often. For some people camping is the only way to travel. 

Italy tends to be a more expensive country to travel to. However, there are dozens of travelers out there who prefer to visit Italy by staying in campgrounds. If you are one of those people here are some helpful tips for camping in Italy.

  • Many of the popular campsites are within walking distance to town, at worst biking distance. You will be able to enjoy the sites and restaurants during the day and return to your campground at night. Most people don’t want to spend a lot on a hotel because they’ll hardly ever be there. Camping is the perfect solution. 
  • Do your research. Some campsites only allow RV or trailer camping. Others have limited spots for tent campers. When you know what method of camping you will be doing make sure to plan ahead. 
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  • Camping is not permitted in Italy’s national parks. If you are on a backpacking trip you will need to be prepared to pay for a spot in a mountain hut, or Rifugio. You’ll only be able to camp freely in certain areas of the mountains. 
  • If you are not familiar with the language learn a couple of key phrases. This is a common-sense tip but still worth stating. It can be extremely helpful if an emergency arises. Write them down and keep them handy if you’re afraid you won’t remember.
  • Look up the phone numbers for emergency services for the area you are going, especially if it is a more remote location. 
  • Early spring or fall is the best time to camp as most people are back in school so the crowds will be minimal and the weather mild. 
  • Most campsites in Italy are directed towards those with campers and RVs. If you are going to be camping with a tent make sure you reserve your spot well in advance. 
  • Another helpful tip is to bring earplugs. If you are camping in a particularly popular area it could get noisy during the evening hours. If you like to go to bed early this might be a helpful aid for you. 
  • You should plan on spending about 20 euros, or 22 dollars, a night at each campground. Most places in the United States charge $25.00 so it is a few dollars cheaper. 
  • Italy this mosquito called the tiger mosquito that continuously bite the same location over and over again. It’s supposed to be more aggressive than the standard mosquitos you would encounter. Be prepared to purchase an array of repellent before you start your adventure. Some travelers recommend buying the repellent before you arrive in Italy as it tends to be more expensive than in other places. 
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  • Don’t forget the sunscreen. Italy has yet to ban any specific sunscreen ingredients so you’ll probably be safe to bring your own from home. If you’re heading into a region with glaciers there is a specific glacial sunscreen you should look into purchasing as well. 


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