Top 10 Frankie Valli Songs

Did your favorite make the list?

Frankie Valli is admittedly one of the best singers of his time. His voice was a standout while his melodies are catchy and timeless. The following are my top ten favorite Frankie Valli songs, including solo work and his time with the Four Seasons. 

10. Grease

This movie musical was a major part of my childhood. My friend and I would sing the songs all the time. No surprise that one of my favorite songs and the one that sets the mood for the entire movie is done by Frankie Valli. 


The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

Even though this song’s topic is admittedly depressing, it’s surprisingly soothing. The song maintains a steady tempo throughout. Even though this song was released as Valli’s first solo song, the Four Season did all the backup work. 

Working My Way Back to You

Listening to the lyrics of this song there’s no way to be fan of the main character. He cheated on his girl and treated her like garbage. Only after she leaves does he realize his mistakes. Not surprisingly this song was never a major hit for the band, but I still enjoy it. In my opinion, it’s a great example of the group’s talent as a whole unit. 

Big Girls Don’t Cry

This song is one of the standout Four Seasons songs that everyone recognizes and enjoys. It’s not a super heavy song by any regard, but the vocal work in this song is astounding. Sadly, they don’t make bands like the Four Seasons any more. 


Yet another heavy song disguised by the upbeat melody. The man in the song tells Dawn that he’s no good for her and she needs to leave him. The boys use the power of their combined voices to try and send the imaginary Dawn packing. 

My Eyes Adored You

Oh, this song is so beautiful and powerful. It’s about young love and how pure and honest that can be. Somehow Frankie Valli makes you feel his longing. You want to run out and find this girl so you can reunite these two.

Who Loves You Pretty Baby

You can tell this song was made in the band’s later years. 1975 to be exact. I am going to make the controversial statement here and say that I think it’s better than some of their earlier stuff. It has a modern flair while bringing in the vocal power the band has always excelled at. It’s a different sound for the band and it works. 


Talk about a catchy song. I can’t tell you how many times I have sung the chorus of this song in my best Frankie Valli imitation, much to the annoyance of my poor neighbors. Sherry is such an easy song to listen to and sway along to. This is one of those quintessential Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songs.


Like Who Loves You, this song has a different vibe when compared to other Four Seasons songs, but that’s what makes it so good. Valli sings in a lower rang than what we’re used to. You can feel his anguish in every word as he continues to plead his case.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

This song will forever be number one. It is a heartfelt romantic song that fills the listener with joy. There’s a stunning mixture of soft soothing beats followed the blare of brass section as Frankie declares his love for this woman. Let’s also not forget the iconic scene in 10 Things I Hate About You when Heath Ledger used Frankie Valli’s song to lip-sync his way into Julia Stiles’ heart. 

Honorable Mentions

Bye, Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)

Walk Like A Man

Rag Doll

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