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Columbus Statues Attacked in Richmond, Toppled in Minnesota, & Beheaded in Boston

Protestors who are outraged by the death of George Floyd have attacked several Columbus statues in America.

Statues have been damaged in Minnesota, Boston, and Richmond, Va. On Tuesday in Richmond, a Columbus statue was pulled down and thrown into a lake. This occurred near a park where protesters gathered for a demonstration in support of Indigenous peoples. The Richmond Indigenous Society stated, “We stand in solidarity with black and brown communities that are tired of being murdered by an out-of-control, militarized and violent police force.” “As for the statue, it seems very appropriate that it ended up in a lake.” 

On the same day in Boston, the head of a Columbus statue was removed. Remnants of the statue were found nearby. On Wednesday, protestors tied ropes around the neck of the 10-foot bronze Columbus statue in St. Paul Minnesota and pulled it from its pedestal.

Columbus Statue Being Pulled Down in Minnesota

Columbus Statue Beheaded in Boston

Columbus Statue Thrown in Lake in Richmond


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  1. Unfortunately this lash out toward Columbus wasn’t done because of a righteous cause, but only a cause of envy toward Italians for having a rich culture.

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