Italian Woman Makes Stuffed Olives While in Surgery

A 60-year-old Italian woman from Abruzzo prepared olive ascolane while she was having a brain tumour removed in an Ancona hospital earlier this week.

According to the Italian news outlet ANSA, the woman had prepared 90 stuffed olives in less than hour while undergoing surgery to remove a tumour.

Roberto Trignani, the neurosurgeon who performed the surgery successfully removed the womans tumour and stated that everything went very well.

Trignani told ANSA that he has preformed approximately 60 operations while his patients remained conscious and engaged in different activities during the surgeries. He stated that this helps them monitor the patient’s brain activity during the procedures.

What are your thoughts on this?! We aren’t surprised! Italian women are the best multi-taskers. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


Main Photo by [ANSA]

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