Italy Enters Phase 3 of COVID-19

Many Italian residents are feeling more freedom and normality as Italy enters it's 3rd phase of COVID-19.

What does Phase 3 mean for Italy? As of now, all Italians are able to travel freely within Europe and they are also accepting tourists within Europe to travel in Italy.

Flights to and from Fiumicino airport have been increasing weekly with airlines like Alitalia and Lufthansa flying out between Frankfurt and Munich.

Many movie theaters, parks, summer camps, game rooms, and festivals have also been given the go-ahead to fully re-open and allow people to participate, however schools will remain closed until September.

Rules such as wearing face masks and keeping distance still apply while out in public.

Photo of Garaland by Wikipedia

The CEO of Gardaland, (one of Italy’s biggest amusement parks), Aldo Maria Vigevani said, “We are happy to return to welcoming our visitors. We are coming out of a difficult time for everyone but we know it is possible to go back to having fun!”

The daily death count in Italy is now below 100 although a big percentage of deaths and new cases continue to be recorded.


Main Photo by [pigsels]

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