8 Best Joe Pesci Scenes

Joe Pesci is one of the greatest actors around, here are some of his best performances.

Joe Pesci is one of the best actor’s alive today. He has such incredible range, from comedy to drama, he’s the whole package. With more than 30 movies under his belt, here are some of his best performances.

1. Simon’s Speech – With Honors

2. Did You Tell My Friend to Go Fuck Himself? – Casino

3. You Think I’m Funny? – Goodfellas

4. It Is What It Is – The Irishman

5. Magic Grits – My Cousin Vinny

6. It’s Too Late For You Kid – Home Alone

7. He’s Just Been A Contender Too Long – Raging Bull

8. Did You Ever Work for the CIA? – JFK


  • Feature Picture – Screenshot from The Irishman


  1. With every performance the man only got better, funnier,more serious and more real as if he were the actual person living that part not an actor playing it.. “Forget a bout it” A Great Actor, a Great Person

  2. I love Joe Pesci!!

    He’s the kind of guy you’d love to have as a friend and neighbor. The type that says to you, “What’s wrong, someone bothering you? C’mon, I’ll help you with that!” And grabs a baseball bat as he walks out the door!

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