Top 25 Italian-American Singers of All Time.

From Bon Jovi to Sinatra, many of today’s millennials are unaware of the talent, Italian Americans brought to the music industry. With a culture like no other, its no wonder why Italian Americans have made such an impact in the music scene through the years. Some of these artists almost gave up on their dreams, fought in the war, fought on the streets, fought in the ring, and all risked everything they had to become the people they became to be.

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5 Best Robert De Niro Movies: Watch Trailers

Robert De Niro is one of the most successful Italian-American actors of all time. Although he was born in New York, he holds dual American and Italian citizenship. This award-winning actor has enjoyed a prolific career in the film industry and has played leading roles in many blockbuster movies. Here are five of Robert De Niro’s top movies.

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The Best Italian-American Mobster Movies

​Stories relating to the Italian-American Mafia and the individuals who worked in the top crime families make interesting film. Drugs, extortion, love affairs, illegal gambling, and murder are just some of the topics that capture the interest of the public. For this reason, stories relating to the mafia have been used as a basis for many well-known movies and here are some of the best.

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