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Top 4 Places to Watch the Sun Rise in Italy

There's nothing better than waking up early and watching the sunrise. If you're Italy, here are some of the best spots to do that.

Sunsets are beautiful events to witness, but not many people appreciate a good sunrise. If you’re an early bird like me, sunrise is the most beautiful time of day. Here are the four best places to watch the sunrise in Italy. 

1. Lignano Sabbiadoro Beach

Lighthouse at Sunrise

Located on the north-eastern side of Italy, Lignano Sabbiadoro beach is a popular summer resort area. You can watch the sunrise over the water from the sand, or you can walk to the end of the lighthouse boardwalk and take in the spectacular view from there. 

2. Venice 

Venice at Dawn

The best spot in Venice to view the sunrise is on the Accademia Bridge. You will be able to watch the sunrise above the city’s waterways and crest above the tops of the buildings. With the addition of the early morning boat traffic, the view couldn’t be any more beautiful. 

3. Favignana Island 

Sunrise at Favignana Island

Located off the West coast of Sicily, this island provides a stunning natural landscape to watch the sunrise over the rocky coastline. After you take in that early morning show, you can spend your day relaxing on a multitude of beaches. Afterward, you can enjoy some fresh seafood at one of the island’s many restaurants. 

4. Mount Vesuvius

Most dangerous on Earth to watch a sunrise

Located near Naples, Mount Vesuvius brought about the destruction of the city of Pompeii and has still been active in the years following. Watching the sunrise over a volcano that has been called one of the most dangerous volcanoes on Earth is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. 


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