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Stanley Tucci Set to Host New Italian Cooking Show

Stanley Tucci is an actor with many talents. Now he's moving into a new medium, an Italian cooking show.

Stanley Tucci is one of those actors who has been in basically everything. He’s been in The Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia, and The Hunger Games, to name only a few. Chances are if you’re a fan of cinema you’ve seen him in at least one movie. Now, Tucci’s expanding his platform and will host a new Italian culinary show with CNN.

The four part documentary is called Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy. The show follows Tucci as he travels to different parts of the country and explores the variety of food available. One episode, in particular, will focus on how wealth and poverty influenced the food in Florence. Rome, Milan, and Sicily are also on the list of places. 

Tucci said, “This is a passion project and love letter to the place where my family is from.”

The actor was born in New York to parents who both have roots in Calabria. The family even moved to Florence for a year in the early 1970s. Since that time, Tucci has always been fascinated with the Italian way of life. 

In one interview he stated, “I wanted to do this series because I am fascinated by the diversity of Italian cuisine and set out to gain a better understanding of the country’s rich history and culture.”

This isn’t Tucci’s first step into the culinary world. He is also a published author of two cookbooks. The first, came out in 2012 and is called The Tucci Cookbook. He worked with Italian chef Gianni Scappin to develop the book that celebrates the recipes of Tucci’s family and Scappin’s Northern Italian roots. The second, out in 2016, is called The Tucci Table: Cooking with Family and Friends. He co-wrote the book with his wife Felicity Blunt, and it features more Italian recipes, but also some British recipes from Blunt. 

Currently, there is no word yet on a premiere date for the show. All of those food lovers out there will have to wait in anticipation for that announcement.



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