3 Quick & Easy Italian Dinner Recipes

Now that Monday has rolled around I bet you're wondering what dinner is going to look like this week. Sometimes deciding what you want to eat for dinner is more stressfu; than physically cooking the meal. And who wants to spend hours in the kitchen after your commute home from work or school? Here are some recipes that are easy to make, contain very few ingredients and are perfect to make in bulk.

5 Surprising Facts About Pasta

Pasta is one of the best-known Italian foods that has become popular across the globe. In households all over the world, pasta is now a staple part of the diet. People love the simplicity of pasta and enjoy its versatility as it can easily be served with a wide range of sauces and ingredients. Despite being so widely eaten, there are many surprising facts about pasta which you may not know.

Quick and Easy Tomato and Basil Pasta Recipe

  This fresh and delicious tomato and basil pasta recipe makes for a pasta that is both quick and easy to make! It is perfect as a main course or a side dish and only requires 15 minutes!  Ingredients 1 Lb pasta (any pasta of your choice) 3 large garlic cloves, sliced  1/4 cup olive … Continue reading Quick and Easy Tomato and Basil Pasta Recipe