You’re Eating Spaghetti the Wrong Way

Most of us grew up being taught a specific way to eat spaghetti and other similarly shaped pasta. Some of us, unfortunately, have been misled. Italians would be surprised to hear of all the different ways that other people in the world tackle a homey plate of spaghetti. British etiquette expert Emily Post, for instance,suggested three "proper" ways to eat spaghetti: twirling the strands on a fork, twirling the strands between a fork and spoon, and cutting up the strands with a knife (for eating with a fork). TIME Magazine even once cited a 1940s guide which stated the correct way was to pick up exactly four strands of spaghetti each time. Real Italians would say the first fork-only method is correct -- but don't bother counting the strands. Just pick up a decent amount with the tip of the fork and twirl the fork against the plate with one hand. Do this until the strands separate from the rest of the spaghetti to wrap around the fork, with only a few short ends left dangling.

6″Italian” Dishes That Are Actually American

Italian dishes are some of the most popular cuisine in the world and restaurants across the globe include famous Italian dishes on their menu. Similarly, more people than ever are including Italian dishes in their home cooking. This is partially due to the simplicity of Italian dishes and also because of media influences, such as cooking programs. However, the dishes cooked in restaurants and people’s homes that people think are Italian often do not come from Italy at all!

Authentic Homemade Pasta Recipe

Pasta is one of the most popular staple foods; not just in Italy, but across the globe. Most people pick up a bag of their favorite variety of pasta when they are at the store because it is cheap, long-lasting and extremely versatile. However, pasta is surprisingly easy to make yourself as it requires very few ingredients and it is not a laborious process. Here is how to make homemade pasta like a true Hardcore Italian.

3 Quick & Easy Italian Dinner Recipes

Now that Monday has rolled around I bet you're wondering what dinner is going to look like this week. Sometimes deciding what you want to eat for dinner is more stressfu; than physically cooking the meal. And who wants to spend hours in the kitchen after your commute home from work or school? Here are some recipes that are easy to make, contain very few ingredients and are perfect to make in bulk.