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Pasta for Breakfast? Yes Please! Follow Stanley Tucci’s Guide to the Ultimate Breakfast

Stanley Tucci is an Italian-American actor and filmmaker. His expertise surrounding food and all things Italy makes this recipe all the more exciting and delicious.

Stanley Tucci is an Italian-American actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his role in The Devil Wears Prada as well as his personal docuseries, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy. 

What is the Dish?

Tucci recently shared a TikTok video with his online fanbase that involved him eating a pasta casserole dish generated from leftovers…at 10 am. The leftover farfalle pasta was combined with a variety of vegetables, mixing it with special sauce and adding butter on top. Yum!

Pasta Casserole Recipe

Get Creative!

Feel free to get creative with this dish! There are so many opportunities to take your own leftovers and create a version of this delicious casserole. Tucci opens the door to many inspiration possibilities in your kitchen. Make it your own by adding different pasta shapes, protein, and combining other vegetables to find your favorites.


  1. Its 🇮🇹 MARCH 30th 🍇🍷Mi hai fatto sorridere!

    And STANLEY TUCCI is THE MAN PERIOD!!! And I Thoroughly Enjoyed His Searching for Italy Show. CNN Made A Very Foolish and Crucial Mistake By Canceling it.

    But Irregardless Stanley is A GREAT Actor and He Knows How To COOK Magnificently or else FIND Mouthwatering Goodness Created By 🍇🍷🇮🇹 US 🇮🇹🍇🍷… with The Freshest of Ingredients To Make A Work of ART That Taste Purely Devine in Your Mouth The World Over.

    So as with Anything Dealing with Our Culture and People WE 🇮🇹 ITALIANS/ SICILIANS🇮🇹 TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN 😎 Sono Molto Grato

    Salute To #StanleyTucci #Italiancooking 🇮🇹 #Culture #Sicilia #italia #JavinnoTPuricelli 💎 🦅🇮🇹18

    1. Hi yes beautiful story of his search of Italy even crazier he on Marvel movie too blew my mind of his greatness.

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