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The Miss Italia America 2023 Pageant Winner Announced in Miami

The Miss Italia America 2023 contest came to a close on March 28th. Contestants from the Chicago-land area share their experience competing.

What is Miss Italia America?

The pageant began in Santa Caterina dello Ionio in Calabria, Italy by Italian television personality Enzo Mirigliani in 1956. The pageant’s scope was subsequently broadened to encompass women of Italian heritage residing in other countries, beyond Italy’s borders. The contestants are evaluated based on grace, composure, and all-round attributes, along with their adeptness in utilizing bilingualism to represent Italy. 

The 2023 Contest

The first stage of the competition was conducted across 100 different locations in the United States. Jessica Cucinella (6) who emerged victorious in the first round from the Chicago-land area, hosted at Elios in Addison, described her experience as “exciting being surrounded by loved ones, and fellow women celebrating Italian culture.” Jessica, alongside her cousin Sabrina Cucinella (3) flew to Miami, Florida on Tuesday, March 28th for the final round of the pageant with their fellow contestants. 

Miss Italia America 2023 Winner

On March 28th, the Miss Italia America 2023 pageant concluded with a dazzling final round held in Miami, Florida. The contestants wowed the audience with three outfit changes, each of which was meticulously evaluated. Ultimately, Olimpia Giacalone was crowned as the winner of the pageant. 


Pictures: Sabrina Cucinella


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