Pasta Mystery Solved: Neighbors Catch Culprit on Camera Unloading Heaps of Spaghetti

Neighbors in Old Town, New Jersey, were able to solve the mystery of how hundreds of pounds of pasta ended up dumped near a creek by catching the culprit on camera. The man was captured unloading his late mother’s spaghetti, as seen in footage from a doorbell camera. The unidentified man, believed to be a military veteran, likely discovered the overwhelming quantity of carbs and disposed of them in the wooded area because he was overwhelmed by the amount.

The “lotsa pasta” mystery had left residents baffled until images of the giant pasta piles surfaced on Facebook. While some dished out their best pasta puns and saucy theories, others declined to name the possible pasta tosser out of consideration for his military service and his mother’s death. The pasta was likely dumped when dry and was softened by rain, according to the town’s Department of Public Works, which cleaned up the mess. Officials have declined to comment on the identity of the noodle dumper.


  1. The guy is a complete idiot. He wasn’t “overwhelmed”. If his mother had all of that in her house, it was likely expired, so all he had to do was keep it in the boxes and throw it away. What did his 4ss think was going to happen to the pasta when he dumped it in the woods? Did he think it would disappear? Did it never dawn on him that it might rain? Dummy. His mother’s house was probably filled with a lot of other junk. Did he just throw all of that stuff in the streets or in the woods? Probably not. He probably has some kind of mental problem. On second thought, nah. He’s just an idiot. He likely did it to be funny

  2. Can’t wait for the interrogation to start and motive to be revealed… I can see it now…. “I told Mama a thousand times I was allergic to gluten!!!!”
    Oh mio Dio!!!

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