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Robert De Niro Welcomes SEVENTH Baby at Age 79

Robert De Niro is a widely popular Italian-American actor and producer. Known for having a "messy" love life, the actor has just welcomed a 7th child.

Who is Robert De Niro?

Robert De Niro is an Italian-American actor and is even said to be one of the best of his generation. De Niro is most notably known for his role in The Godfather II alongside his collaborative efforts with director Martin Scorsese on movies like Goodfellas. His most recent work is titled About My Father, a film where De Niro stars alongside famed Italian comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. De Niro has even produced films himself, such as The Irishman and A Bronx Tale

De Niro's Italian Background

Though Robert De Niro is known for his Italian ancestry, he is more Irish than Italian. De Niro’s grandmother Irish grandmother married an Italian, thus starting a line of Italian ancestry. De Niro has been married twice, however, he shares his seven children with multiple partners, most of which have been models and actresses. None of his partners are of Italian ancestry.

De Niro Welcomes Baby Girl

De Niro’s newest child is named Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro. He had her with partner Tiffany Chen, who is a martial arts specialist, (not to be confused with 64-year-old producer). De Niro has been together with Chen since 2021. His oldest child is 51-year-old Drena De Niro.

WATCH-De Niro's Dating History

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  1. Totally not fair to the kid. His father will not be around very long for him
    When he’s twenty, he’s going to have a 100 yr old father, if he’s still here

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