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100-year-old Man Reunites with Wife After 101 Days – Coronavirus in Italy

An elderly Italian couple, Guido and Maria were reunited after being separated for over 100 days. Their story shows that true love has no expiration date.

Guido is 100 years old and Maria is 93. The couple lives in the Castano Primo area outside of Milan. Their story was shared in La Repubblica.

Mayor Pignatiello explained, “After all these months, Guido’s prayers were answered because Maria arrived at the home yesterday, accompanied by the couple’s two children.”  He went on to state, “The husband was waiting for her in the lobby in front of the church, sitting in his wheelchair, and, when she saw him, his wife rushed to greet him.”

Guido Stangalini e Maria Pagani La Repubblica

According to the nursing home director, Diego Colombo, Guido prayed that he would be able to see Maria one last time. When the two were reunited, they hugged tightly and promised each other that this would be the last time they are ever separated.

The mayor also explained, “Even if they did not experience the suffering of disease, they are the same as all the people who, like them, have been forced in these difficult months into a forced separation from loved ones.”


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