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You Can Now Get PAID to Eat Nutella in Italy

Ever think that your dream job just doesn't exist? It is time to reconsider. You can not get PAID to eat Nutella in Italy!

Ferrero is recruiting applicants to sample their products for money. Skills needed? You just need to like chocolate and be able to speak Italian.

60 applicants will travel to Alba, in northern Italy. Here they will be trained for 3 months to ensure that they are prepared for the “challenge”. The training will be paid and will begin in September.

Soremartec Italia is Ferrero’s Research and Development branch that continuously “creates and tests new products” through “sensory evaluation,” According to Ferrero’s mission statement.

The 60 chosen sensory judges will work at the headquarters in Alba, Piedmont.

If you are interested, send a resume and cover letter to alba@openjob.it, with “ALB01” in the subject line.


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