5 Ways Nonna Ruins Your Diet

Diet coaches are always telling you to resist temptation and just say no. I don't think they've ever met an Italian grandma.

We’ve all been there. We’re just trying to lose some extra pounds and feel good about ourselves. Dieting isn’t easy, but in an Italian family, it’s almost impossible. This is all thanks to Nonna. This woman will fight you every step of the way in your weight loss journey. Here are 5 ways Nonna ruins your diet. 

1. She Says You’re Already Too Skinny

I don’t know at what point Nonna starts thinking you need to lose weight, but I’m convinced that limit has never been met. Every time she sees you she’s always fusing over how skinny you look and grilling your parents about whether they’re feeding you enough. I mean, nobody gives a compliment like Nonna, but it’s just not what you want to hear. 

2. Carbs

Nonnas are known for cooking some of the best pasta dishes anyone has ever tasted. However, everything this woman creates is laced with carbs from top to bottom. And, don’t even think about skipping right to the salad course.

3. Serving Sizes 

On top of the carb-loaded meal she serves you, Nonna has no concept of what a proper portion size is. She serves you meatballs the size of your head then insists you take two. All we’re trying to do is lose a couple pounds, not add on the weight of a toddler. 

4. Claims You Don’t Like Her Cooking

All of these culminates in the dreaded showdown where Nonna says you must not like her cooking. Even if you explain to her that you’re just trying to eat healthier, she’ll act like you’ve stabbed her in the heart. This lady will have you feeling like you’ve just crushed every hope she ever had, which causes you to take even more of her delicious creations.

5. Leftovers

The final way Nonna ruins your diet is leftovers. She basically sends you home with a week’s worth of meals because she knows you aren’t strong enough to resist. That food will be sitting in the fridge taunting you every time you open the door. You’ll feel guilty wasting the food your Nonna slaved over for hours, so you’ll try to ration yourself. This will work until your midnight craving kick in, and you wake up covered in marinara cursing your Nonna’s cooking skills. 

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