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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Island of Capri

The island of Capri is calling your name. Here's everything you need to know for your visit.
  • The island was first settled by the ancient Greeks and the island’s rock formations date back almost 190 million years ago. 
  • The island’s biggest attraction is The Blue Grotto. It was once used as a swimming pool for Emperor Tiberius. 
  • 80% of the island tourists are just day trip visitors. 
  • The Faraglioni rock formations each have their own names. Stella (still attached to the island), Faraglione di Mezzo, and Faraglione of Outwards. 
  • Tourists are banned from using cars during the summer, however, most of the locals don’t drive that much either. 
  • Visit Villa San Michele, a 19th-century villa, for stunning views of the Bay of Naples.
  • The island has a population of about 12,000 people. 
  • The highest point on the island is Monte Solaro which rises to 1,932 feet. 
  • In total Capri has 12 churches and 7 museums. 
  • Emperor Tiberius built the Villa Jovis, one of the best preserved Roman Villas in the country.
  • The island’s most famous dish is the Caprese Salad, composed of basil leaves, tomato, and mozzarella served with vinegar dressing.
  • Visit the Garden of Augustus for some of the best views of the water.
  • Porto Tragara was an ancient Roman port, but nobody knows what it was actually used for. 
  • There are two towns on Capri. One is called Capri, where visitors can find the Piazzetta and Marina Piccola. The other town is called Anacapri, where you can take the lift up to Monte Solaro. 


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