10 Things Non-Italians Won’t Understand ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

From saving the salad for after dinner to waving our hands everywhere when we talk, Italian's have a certain way about them that non-Italians will never understand.

Check out our list of 10 things non-Italians will never understand.

1. Wearing a Corno Necklace

They will never understand this one!

2. The Salami Hanging in Your Cantina

The number of times your friends told you that they were too scared to go into your cantina. They have no idea what they were missing!

3. Padre Pio’s Photo in Your House

Padre Pio | โ€œPray, hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. โ€ฆ | Flickr
Photo by flickr.com

They just aren’t as religious as you and your family are.

4. The Smell of Your Mothers Sauce

Their mothers bought Prego instead…

5. The Volume of Your Voice

They tell you all the time to lower your voice, but it’s difficult!

6. Why You Always go to Your Nonnas House

Photo by flickr.com

They didn’t have the type of bond with their grandparents like you did with Nonna and Nonno.

7. The Italian Words You Say Only When You’re Mad

Bad Words in Italian || Parolacce - YouTube
Photo by TheZPan

When you start speaking Italian when you’re mad they just look at you weird!

8. Why You Are Usually Always Late

Here's What To Do When You Are Going To Be Late To A Job Interview ...
Photo by huffpost.com

We are late because we gotta look our best and plus our mothers are asking us a million questions before we get out the door.

9. The Constant Hand Gestures

We are very expressive when speaking. Meanwhile, Kyle keeps his hands by his sides the whole time while talking.

10. Your Multiple Freezers

We are always prepared just in case. Our non-Italian friends usually only ahve ice cream and frozen peas in their freezers!

What else do non-Italians not understand about us? Share your comments below.

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  1. Lmao, I’m Italian-English and I relate to a lot of this, and yes, I have an entire lexicon of Italian words for sporadic moments of rage lol

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