9 Unexpected Gelato Flavors

Some of the flavors on this list are just shocking.

I have always been a lover of gelato. It is one of my favorite summer treats, and even winter treat as well. However, just like ice cream, some are never satisfied with the standard flavors available. Here are some of the most unexpected gelato flavors I came across. 

1. Ricotta

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This is probably one of the only ones on the list that I would be willing to try without much hesitation. I mean they’re both dairy products so I can’t imagine the taste would be awful. 

2. Rose

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Apparently, rose flavored gelato is actually really good. I have never tried it, nor am I eager to do so, but there are a lot of reviews in favor of this product. 

3. Lavender 

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Lavender is actually a pretty popular flavor for tea and even some desserts. I personally love the smell of lavender, it’s my go-to scent. I just have a really hard time grasping how that would translate into taste. 

4. Rosemary

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Another one of my favorite scents, but again not sure how this would come across once I took a lick. Rosemary, to me, is much better off paired with chicken or bread. Maybe the taste would be just light enough for my enjoyment. 

5. Earl Grey Tea

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I have always enjoyed a good cup of tea. Earl Grey isn’t one of my favorites, but I would drink it if it was my only option. The Same idea applies when it comes to picking it as my flavor of choice. 

6. Spicy Pepper

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Some people look a little kick with their sweet desserts, I personally don’t. It’s especially terrifying to think that the entire dish would be denominated by this flavor. I just imagine someone’s face turning redder as beads of sweat drip down while they enjoy their gelato. 

7. Basil

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Basil is pretty good and even better as a seasoning. However, as gelato, I have severe doubts about the outcome. 

8. Olive Oil

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There’s just nothing about this option that entices me. I just don’t feel like these two elements should ever be combined. 

9. Foie Gras

For those who don’t know, Foie Gras is duck or goose liver. This flavor would be a hard no for me. An extremely hard no. Like, I would have to be getting paid a decent chunk of chain to even try this flavor. 


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