Want to Live to 100-Years-Old? Italians Have Got the Secret!

Diet, stress, and atmosphere all affect our quality and longevity of life which brings up the question of why Italy's life expectancy is so much higher in comparison to the USA's. Italian's may just have the secret for living longer.

Italian’s eat pasta each day, smoke more, and live in a country with a constant declining economy. So what it is that makes them live longer? Clean air, less stress, and the good old Mediterranean diet.

It has been found that many elderly people in Italy have unusually great blood circulation and extremely low levels of a hormone called adrenomedullin and although genetics play a big factor, their diet, exercise, and quality of life also play a major part.

Contrary to popular belief, Italian’s are not shovelling pasta and pizza into their mouths at every meal. Most of the time the pasta is measured and they are very cautious about their portions. When they are full they stop eating.

Their diets consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, eggs, seafood white meat, very little red or processed meats, some sweets, and the best part, a glass or two of wine per day.

The Benefits Of Italian Mediterranean Diet - Lessons - Tes Teach
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In the smaller villages and towns in Italy, they live off the land where they still grow all of their produce, live with less stress and cleaner air. People prefer to walk or bike everywhere instead of hopping into their cars which helps them stay fit and active.

What are your thoughts on the Italian lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet? Who wouldn’t be happy with a glass or two of wine a day?



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