An Inside Look at Italy’s Most Beautiful Palace

France's Palace of Vesailles may be impressive, but Italy has its own stunning palace.

The Gardens

The gardens are divided up into three sections. Closest to the residence, you can wander through the Upper Park. This portion of the garden includes the Terrace Alley, The Gran Parterre, The Groves, Rose Garden, and the Royal Alley. 

Heading down from the Upper Park, visitors walk into the Central Alley, a long expanse of canals leading to the former location of the Temple of Diana. Each side of the alley is lined with oak trees. This is also where you will find the flower gardens. 

In the Lower Park, visitors will find the 3 million gallon pond, home to the estate’s two swans. In recent years, contemporary art sculptures have been added to the garden, forming the Garden of Fluid Sculptures. 

Also found in the lower park is La Reggia’s Orchard and Vegetable Garden. 

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