8 Reasons Why Italian Women Don’t Gain Weight

If you have traveled to Italy then you may have seen some of the beautiful Italian women and thought to yourself, "How do they eat pasta and pizza and still stay so thin?"

Statistics show that 48.3% of U.S. women are obese while only 13.7% of Italian women are.

If you feel like you put on weight just by looking at a plate of pasta, then this list of 12 reasons why Italian women don’t gain weight is for you! Check out all of the reasons below.

1. Italian Espresso Has No Calories

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While many Americans live off their favorite sugar-filled coffees from Starbucks and Dunkin’, Italian women stick to either espresso or 80 calorie cappuccinos that are usually only drunken in the morning and not all day long.

2. They Eat Smaller Portions

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Italians love their pasta, pizza and sweets, however, they know how to portion these types of foods and only eat them in moderation,

3. They Eat Slow

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Every meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, they eat slow and enjoy each bite. Everything is Italy is piano piano, so mealtime is also a time to relax and enjoy.

4. They Don’t Consume A Lot of Fast Food

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Places like McDonald’s and Burger King are not prevalent in Italy. I mean, who wants McDonald’s when you have pasta and pizza?

5. Walking is Key

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Italian’s usually stay active by walking everywhere. From walking around the markets to taking a passeggiata at night with friends.

6. They Are Not Fixated on Food

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Although Italy is a food-centered country, Italian women view food as nourishment and pleasure instead of a means to stuff their faces.

7. Water is Their Go-To Drink

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Contrary to popular belief, Italian women don’t drink as much wine as we think. They will drink the occasional glass of wine, coke and or beer, but water is their number one.

8. They Are Comfortable and Confident in Their Skin

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Okay, so obviously Italian women (just like all women) gain weight and go on diets, but they are always confident and comfortable in their skin even with a few pounds on them. They won’t be embarrassed to wear a bikini to the beach because they “feel fat.” They just don’t think this way!

Know of another reason why Italian women don’t gain weight? Share your comments below.

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