All the Places in Italy You Can Buy $1 Homes

Are you looking to move to Italy? Here are some of the most affordable options.

Fabbriche di Vergemoli

This Tuscan town began selling their homes back in 2006. Interested homebuyers will find Fabbriche di Vergemoli in the protected forests of the Apuan Alps. 100 properties are still available, including farmsteads for the more agriculturally inclined. 


Located in central Italy, Cantiano is selling historical homes right in the heart of their medieval city. This former Roman military settlement is a popular destination for horse breeders who make their homes in the surrounding hills. Cantiano apparently loves horses so much they are often found in the local cuisine. 


Cinquefrondi is a recent addition to the list and can be found in the Calabria region of Italy. About 50 houses were put on the market in June 2020. This little village is an ideal spot for someone looking to enjoy a mild climate with beach access only miles away. 


You can find the town of Zungoli near the Amalfi Coast. The area is a throwback to medieval villages with the added bonus of a castle nearby. There are about 1,000 current residents in the area, and about 30 houses have already been sold. 


If you love mountains, this is the place for you. Located in the Italian Alps right along the Switzerland border, this town is eager for new residents. They are offering new residents $1,000 for each new baby and $2,000 to those looking to start a local business.


This town is located on the island of Sardinia in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This town is known for its Casu Fiore Sardo cheese. Ollolai advertises as having zero air pollution and great views. 


Gangi is located near Palermo in Sicily. They started selling their homes back in 2011 but still have some available for interested buyers. The available houses were built in the 1800s, have two floors and some even have views of Mount Etna.


Also located in Sicily, Bivona’s Latin name means twice beautiful. Locals say it comes from the unspoiled beauty of the area. This town is also offering a tax incentive to all future home buyers. 


This Sicilian town is offering their homes completely free, with additional money to be paid to new residents with newborns. Cammarata is known as ‘the town with 1,000 balconies’, and many of their residents have longer than usual life spans. 


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