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9 Habits I Picked Up While Living in Italy

If you have lived in Italy then you have definitley developed some habits of living la bella vita!

From eating at different times to doing everything just a little bit slower, here are 9 habits I picked up while living in Italy!

1. Taking Time in the Morning

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Instead of pressing snooze, rushing to get ready, and getting a coffee to go, the morning has become much more relaxing and less stressful. Instead of pressing a button on a machine to get coffee, I wait for the caffettiera. (It tastes better this way anyways!)

2. A Sense of Quality and Freshness

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Nothing can compare to the freshness and quality of the food in Italy. Food in Canada/America just doesn’t taste as good anymore.

3. Late Dinners

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I went from eating big dinners at 5pm to eating smaller and lighter meals at 8 or 9pm. But if I go for una passiaggiata after dinner, then I do tend to eat a little more.

4. Afternoon Napping

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There is not much to do after lunch being that most stores are closed, so this makes for the best time to take a nap! Even just 10-15 minutes is all I need.

5. Patience

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Since Italians tend to be laid back and don’t show any sense of urgency, this also shows when they are at work. Those 5 minute trips to the bank have turned into 30 minute – 1 hour trips in Italy.

6. Greet Everyone

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I know that not all of Italy is like this, but in the smaller towns saying buongiorno every morning to the neighbors has become apart of my routine.

7. Drive Like an Italian

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The road rage in me has definitely come out more than ever while driving in Italy. I’ve seen every type of driver in Italy from the people on the scooters or bikes that cut you off, from the entitled drivers.

8. Celebrating Saint/Name Days

Holy card, Saint Joseph with prayer, laminated | online sales on ...
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These days are just as important as birthdays in Italy which means more feste to celebrate!

9. Shoes in the House

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God forbid I walked around in my shoes at my parents! My mother would always yell at me. In Italy, you are always told to keep your shoes on because the the marble floors are cold on your feet.

Have you lived in Italy? What habits have you picked up while living there? Let us know in the comments below.


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