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Small Italian Village Celebrates its First Birth in 8 Years👶🇮🇹

The village of Morterone is overjoyed to finally be celebrating it's first birth after an eight year hiatus.

The birth of baby Denis brings not only joy and happiness throughout the small Morterone village, but put the population of Morterone to 29.

The small mountianous village is in the regious of Lombardy and they have not seen any births within this village since 2012

Parents Matteo and Sara hung a blue ribbon on the front door of their house for the announcement of the birth of their son.

The mayor of Morterone, Antonella Invernizzi describes the birth of baby Denis as a true celebration for the whole community.

“Now we have gone back up to 29,” Invernizzi told Corriere. “There are no other pregnancies insight, at least that I know of … but certainly, a newborn is always a joy for all of us.”

Denis’s birth comes just weeks after Italy’s birth rate hit a record low since 1861.

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