This Sopranos Actor Will Cook Dinner for You and 50 Guests 🍝

Joseph Gannascoli who played Vito Spatafore on The Sopranos can be hired to cook dinner for you and your friends!

Joseph Gannascoli played Vito Spatafore on 38 episodes of The Sopranos. The chef-turned-actor-turned-chef again is now hosting parties for up to 50 guests at $125 per head plus the cost of food. Gannascoli entertains guests with Sopranos trivia, stories from the set and an incredible multi-course Italian dinner!

Originally a professionally trained chef, Gannascoli has cooked everywhere from New York to New Orleans to Los Angeles. His dinners include antipasto and his signature red sauce and clam sauce. The Long Island native is willing to travel anywhere for a gig but it’ll cost you extra if you’re outside of New York.

If you’re interested in hosting one of Gannascoli’s dinners, his Twitter is the best way to reach him; click the button below below to get in touch!


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