7 Reasons Why Nonna is a Gift From God ♡

Whether you call her Nonna, Nonni, or Nonnina, one thing is for sure. She is the greatest woman on Earth.

Here are 7 reasons why Nonna is a gift from God!

1. She can cook better than any gourmet chef

Regardless of how many fancy restaurants you go to, you will never eat like you do at Nonna’s house. Just when you think dinner is over, another course comes out. The best part about her cooking is that she doesn’t need a recipe! She cooks with love and all who eat her food come back for seconds!

2. She’s basically a genius at the cash slip handshake

When you see Nonna calling you over secretively, you know that the cash slip handshake is about to occur. Nonnas love to give their grandchildren cash and often tell them not to tell anyone.

3. Any time you leave her house, you leave with a full belly and 20 tupperware of leftovers

When you leave Nonnas, you will be more than just full. You will be set with food for the next month!

4. She’s all about keeping the family close

Many women are impressed with material items, but all Nonna wants is her family to be together, happy, and healthy. You will never see her face light up as bright as it does when the whole family is together.

5. She’s not afraid to tell you like it is

Nonnas have a tendency to be quite outspoken. They say it like it is and do not sugar-coat the truth.

6. She cares about you more than anyone

Although Nonnas often worry about their families, they only do so because of how much they care!

7. She’s very hardworking

It is not uncommon to see an 80-year-old Nonna washing windows or cooking up a storm. They prove that hard work is possible regardless of age.


  1. Absolutely true!! My Nonni did all these things and more. I just wish she could have learned the English language so that I could talk to her. I wanted to learn Italian but nobody seemed to want to teach me.

  2. Absolutely true. And the tradition rolls on! Go to my sisters house, eat plenty, bring home food! Come to my house, eat plenty, go home with food, and possibly some cash too! Great Italian tradition

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