16 Ways to Instantly Tell You’re at a Fake Italian Restaurant and Avoid Them

Every true Italian knows that there are many "Italian-American" restaurants that really are not Italian at all.

Here are 14 ways to instantly spot a fake Italian restaurant!

1. They do not have espresso

2. The sauce isn’t mixed into the pasta

3. The meatballs are the size of softballs

4. They serve 5 types of alfredo pasta

5. The carbonara has cream and BACON

6. They have “Italian” dressing

7. They do not have olive oil for bread

8. They serve salty breadsticks that look like hotdog buns

9. Their pasta is overcooked

10. There is mac and cheese on the menu

11. The menu has spelling errors

12. You see the words “Italian-style” in 18 places

13. They serve pineapple or pepperoni pizza

14. Nobody is Italian (the chef, waitresses, or owner)

15. Dishes contain 40 ingredients

16. Fish is served with cheese


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