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Check Out This Spa Inside a 13th-Century Convent in Assisi

The Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum combines ancient Roman ruins with a 13th-century convent to create a once in a lifetime experience.

In Assisi, the home of St. Francis, hundreds of people gather every year to pay homage to Francis’ works and visit his remains at the Basilica of St. Francis. Yet, just 15 minutes down the road, other travelers are making their own kind of pilgrimage, one that completely original and unique to the area. They are going to the Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum. 

Located inside the former convent of St. Catherine, the Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum is unlike anything seen before. The stone structure is surrounded by lush greenery creating a peaceful environment, right in the heart of the thriving town.

Inside, the whitewashed walls and minimalist furniture, curated from local makers, blends perfectly with the original vaulted ceilings and stone arches. Meanwhile, the rooms are just as stunning; one suite even features original frescos from the 1600s. There are 18 rooms in total, with nightly stays ranging from $350 to $460 a night. 

As you make your way downstairs to the spa area, another surprise awaits. 

The spa’s thermal pool is surrounded by ancient Roman pillars that date back to the 1st century. These columns were once a part of a Roman amphitheater that the convent was built over in 1275. Many of the treatments available are a callback to ancient Roman techniques and practices, such as the four circuit rooms that replicate the Roman baths. Each room has a different temperature and humidity level to rejuvenate the body. These rooms include Tepidarium, Calidarium, Sudatorium, and Frigidarium.

After your spa treatment, you will be able to relax in one of the many lounge chairs in the garden and indulgence in the world-class cuisine provided at the on-site restaurant. 

You will be hard-pressed to find an experience similar to the Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum. 


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